Featured Photo Booths for Summer 2017

Our PBSCO community is filled with photographers. Not just content to have the best photo booth, everyone is always taking pictures of their setups. Our Legacy booth is one of the most photogenic and beautifully designed objects that people will encounter, and we love all of the pictures that people take of them.

We're happy to bring these photos out of the exclusive PBSCO owners group and to our blog and email readers for the first time. Enjoy!

Queso News Volume 14 | Cases and more!

When Queso's production cases arrived, I felt a strong urge to throw them off a ladder to test them. While you definitely shouldn't do that, I was impressed with the results. 

The cases for Queso are custom built just like the ones for Legacy. Each piece of foam is designed specifically for your photobooth. 

Please be aware that I had to censor a bit of swearing in the following video, so it may not be appropriate for all workplaces even with the censoring. You can watch us case testing below!

Also, again, please don't ever do this to your booth. 

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