How to Test Your Photo Booth Event Beforehand to Prevent Mistakes

How to Test Your Photo Booth Event Beforehand to Prevent Mistakes


As someone who has been in the event business for a while, I've learned that proper preparation is key to avoiding issues on the day of your event.

Here are some steps that I recommend to test your event beforehand and ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

Step One: Program Your Event

Programming your event is essential and should be done at least five to seven days before the actual day.

Use your Salsa app to program everything directly from your computer. Check your spelling and double-check your dates on your templates.

You don't want to be that person who has the wrong date on their template and has to go back and change it on all the pictures you took at the event.


Step Two: Assemble Your Equipment

Assemble your equipment, including your Salsa booth and backdrop stand. Setting up your backdrop beforehand is recommended so you can ensure you have all the pieces and check whether it needs washing.

It's essential to have a clean backdrop, and setting it up beforehand allows you to spot any issues.

Step Three: Load Your Event onto Your iPad

Load your event onto your iPad so that you can run it offline if necessary. If you ever show up to an event with no Wi-Fi, you can still take pictures and queue any shares in the background. You could even print using a dongle and internal Wi-Fi.

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Step Four: Run Through Every Workflow

Run through every single workflow that your guest might do. Try every mode loaded into it and adjust your lighting to make sure it's good for wherever you are. Doing this beforehand will allow you to spot any potential issues like weird reflections, needing additional light, etc.

In conclusion, preparing for your event is critical to avoid any issues that may arise. By following these steps and testing your event beforehand, you'll be able to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the big day.