When to Start Marketing For Various Photo Booth Seasons (PLUS Free Calendar)

When to Start Marketing For Various Photo Booth Seasons (PLUS Free Calendar)

NOTE: Be sure to scroll to the end of this post, where I've put a link to a free marketing calendar for you. 

If you are one of the people who starts marketing for holiday events in November and December, well, hate to say it, but you missed the boat. Most party and event planners start planning their holiday party in the summer!

In this article and in the video below, I'll share with you what I've learned about when to market for the various seasons in the photo booth world.


Seasons and Niches: Why You Need a Niche for Your Photo Booth Business

There are actually many seasons in the photo booth world, and this is why it's so important that you have a niche when it comes to running your photo booth business.

Just to give you a couple of examples of the types of events that we have, there's obviously weddings, corporate events, quinceañera, bar and bat mitzvahs, and of course, holiday parties.

There are actually a ton more events, but these are the ones that we're going to focus on for this particular video. One of the biggest problems I see happening is that people market for events during the busy season, and the people who are throwing these events are too busy to pay attention to your marketing because they're already doing these events.

You really want to start marketing for events months before they happen.


Marketing for Winter Holiday Parties

So, if we take holiday parties, for example, people are planning those in July and August because, at that point, they've finalized their budget for the rest of the year. They want to make sure that they lock everything in before December 31.

Because they start planning so early, and it's usually a social committee that is planning these holiday parties, they want to make sure that they secure their biggest items first, like a venue, or they're going to be looking for caterers.

But if you start marketing in July and August, and they start seeing your content when they're planning their event, they are more likely to book you early on.

Create a Marketing Schedule for Each Season

Just because you're marketing during July and August, and you're not seeing people come in right away, that's okay. Why? Because the photo booth generally isn't one of the top things that gets booked.

But at least you're marketing, and then you're getting in front of their face so that when comes time to book, they're going to come to you.

Typically, in my photo booth business, holiday parties tend to book us between September and October. Then, of course, we always have those last-minute people that come to us a week before their event.

Offer Early Bird Specials

I would also highly recommend that you reach out to your clients and offer them an early bird special.

This is something that you would offer to customers who booked you the year before. It should have some sort of incentive in there so that they have to book it early.

Your incentive could be an extra hour, premium backdrops, or maybe they get a free prop upgrade. Whatever it is, make that something that's enticing, and then set your deadline for booking. You'll notice that a lot of your clients from the year before will likely book with that early bird special.

Free Photo Booth Marketing Calendar

This is the marketing calendar that I use for my business. I've refined it over the years, and can assure you, it works. 

Click here to get the calendar now. No email needed.


In summary, it's crucial to start marketing for events well in advance of their actual date, as people tend to plan and book for events months in advance.

This is especially important during the busy holiday season, when many people are vying for bookings. By creating a marketing schedule and reaching out to clients with early bird specials, you can increase your chances of booking more events and growing your photo booth business.