Queso News Volume 3 | The Lighting System

When building the lighting system for Queso, we were focused on two areas. Picture quality and reliability. I'm going to talk about reliability first. Just a note--this blog post is a bit technical. I think it's important to understand just how much work went into the design, though!

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The history of photobooths

The photobooth has a long history as a profitable device. Its first successful owners and operators made themselves rich by being at the forefront of photographic technology. I've taken some time over the past few weeks to put together a simple to read history of the photobooth that may be interesting to the people who own and operate one today.

2016 Holiday Closure

We hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season so far.

To allow the staff of PBSCO to spend valuable time with our families, our offices will be closing for the holiday week beginning Monday, December 26th through Monday January 2nd, 2017. We will be re-opening for regular business on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017.

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